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Semi-aerial pictures

Conventional aerial photography uses of full-scale planes and helicopters that covers large areas at each flying session in order to keep the operational costs low. The result it provides is only a few pictures of each subject. At the end, most of the customers have only the choice through few pictures at result submission time. Our approach adds a much more customized aspect in this extra-ordinary experience it represents for you.
The main advantage of low altitude aerial pictures is how speechless they become just by adding the 3rd dimension. Not too low and not too high, just what we need. With aerial pictures, the result is the globality, becoming effortlessly amazing and impressive by the quality it reaches thanks to our special platform. The technique we use makes it possible to make urban shots, close to the subject and under many different angles, impossible using standard techniques, and this, without any other constraint then the ground-flying authorization from the property owner or of its representative, this authorization becomes even unnecessary when using the telescopic pole.

Aerial Picture

You are a company or a private person... You wish aerial pictures or videos of your property, domain, local district, your factory, your workplace or whatever application?

Often witness of realisations, constructions and collectivity memory, aerial picture is used to illustrate promoting documents or even technical writings such as impact studies (future implantations, future roads, future crossings, ...)

We are proposing you a quality solution at affordable prices. We offer you an aerial photography service that matches your budget. We are based in La Hulpe, Walloon Brabant and are operating all year-round. We present pictures of a quality you could obtain from full-size helicopters or planes, even better ones, but at a fraction of the operational costs : all benefits for you !

Why the low altitude aerial photography?

Low altitude aerial photography, compared to conventional aerial photography has many advantages:
- There is no atmospheric haze at low altitude, which makes it more colourfull, nicer, sharper and clearer pictures. Full-scale planes and helicopters are limited and may not flight at heights under 1000 feet over many areas, while we are able to take pictures between ground-level and 150 feet. Which makes it possible for us to work all year-round.
- Low altitude aerial photography offers many possibilities of angle variations to the subject using our specially designed platform.
- Conventional aerial pictures are often looking distant, flat and the perspective is lost. This is often the case because powerfull lenses must be used to frame the subject.
- The fact is simple... low altitude aerial pictures are closer to the subject, and are able to provide a better image quality then conventional aerial photography.

The control monitor receiving the transmitted image, viewed from the camera, allows to frame the shot as you requested. You can even guide the pilot !

Fast service

Because we work with digital/numeric medias, the waiting time from shoot session to finished product is very short.

Close to the subject

Flying restrictions of our platform are weather and the place to operate. Most quality pictures are taken at a height between 10 and 30m. Our method allows the pilot to manoeuver exactly were expected and keep the position until the job is done.

View angles

We can make horizontal, oblique or vertical shots with our own designed platform. This tool is by far the most efficient for this kind of work. Our organization makes it possible to get your pictures fast, only a weather meeting your wishes will delay the delivery.

Immediate choice

By the end of the shooting session , the customer will have the possibility to review the pictures just taken and select the ones to print on professional quality paper. The customer will receive, it requested, by mail or email a 'planche contact' with all pictures taken, as thumbnails. Once the selection done and the payment received, the pictures will be sent by post or given without intermediate.

Image touch ups

On demand, we realize any image touch-ups. It can be text inserts, photo-montage or else, we own the adequate equipment for these works.


We are covered for accidents that could happen at a shooting session, up to the amounts specified by all laws and reglementations in Belgium.

Quality and efficiency

We are able to provide many quality pictures, detailled and matching your expectations in a few minutes. We are able to review together the pictures once the flying session is over. We are able to create photomontages or images touch ups if requested.

Customer care is our concern

Our goal to achieve is to provide the customer aerial pictures as he wants it. We promote and suggest our customer to get into the job before and during the flying session by looking above the pilot's shoulder to see what pictures are taken, by guiding him to another orientation. The result is a very personal result meeting exactly the expectations and the satisfaction.

Our method has proved its rentability and efficiency in many ways of application. Within a record time, we are able to provide you amazing pictures for professional or private use!

Paper works and printouts

We will take care of all printouts requested.


Using this technique, aerial photography knows three limitations:

- Weather : even with our typical weather, and even if rain is common over here, we are able to operate within a very short delay. We can catch the opportunity to make very nice pictures between two clouds. A bright sun is not necessary to make a nice picture, even under a clouded sky we can get surprising results using the diffused light.
- Obstacles : power lines, trees near the subject, populated areas can make it impossible to make pictures. Before every shooting session, we will study the case with the customer..
- Security: security is our main concern, if flying conditions make security precarious for people or properties around the flying site, we will take no risks and refuse to fly. We will never fly near or over a crowd or a public. The use of tele-lenses make it possible to show a crowd as is flying near at no risks.

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